Navigator2Law is a new generation of law services. Our clients enjoy:

  • Clear upfront prices
  • Network of legal specialist
  • Legal project management
  • New IT technologies

To find out more about the benefits of Navigator2Law, visit about Navigator2Law.

Navigator2Law is based on an innovative business model that combines project management, legal outsourcing and new technologies, with the aim to make legal services more efficient. The services of Navigator2Law consist of a selection of an appropriate team of legal advisors and the coordination and supervision of the rendering of legal and other services. Legal specialists know how required for the project is outsourced to external legal advisors by Navigator2Law. Navigator2Law directly delivers administrative and non-sophisticated legal services.


To request a proposal by Navigator2Law, please register on the Navigator2Law website as a client. If you are registered, you can request a proposal by filling in an online questionnaire, or alternatively write a short message to Navigator2Law, and we will be happy to call you and to assist you with filling in the questionnaire.

When registering, you are asked to provide your contact details and some personal data. After this, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link to your personal account at Navigator2Law.

Unfortunately, this is not a possibility. To work out a proposal takes time and effort. In order to avoid abuse of the platform we consider proposal requests from our registered clients only.

We do accept requests for proposals in any relevant legal area. We advise our clients to consult the list of legal projects listed on our home page, as we believe that the concept of Navigator2Law allows clients to benefit most in these legal areas.

We are based in Germany and cover all projects linked to Germany. We are an international team and provide effective assistance both locally and across boarder transactions.


The more information you provide, the easier it is to estimate the scope of work and its costs. Our aim is to provide you a fixed price offer if possible. The questionnaire is important to decipher the costs and we ask for information that is usually provided in a first consultation meeting.

After you submitted the questionnaire you cannot change it online. Please contact our helpline and we will fix it for you.

Proposal Letter

You receive the proposal letter in PDF format via e-mail. You can also see it on your Navitgator2Law’s user page if you log into your account.

The proposal letter of Navigator2Law consist of the following contents:

  • Price and scope of services
  • Project information
  • Assumption of the proposal
  • Change Request
  • Project team
  • Track record of project team
  • Confidentiality
  • Complains and disputes
  • Payment terms
  • Limitation of liability
  • Acceptance of proposal

We kindly ask you to study the proposal thoroughly before you accept it. All sections of the proposal are important.




Please talk to your dedicated legal manager and he will discuss all required changes and any price adjustments.

We do an auction in-between the external lawyers registered with Navigator2Law. In the auction, we consider profiles of registered experts having relevant experience for the subject matter of the considered project. Our aim is to obtain at least three offers. The best price is the final determining factor.

If you accept our proposal and/or if you are a client of Navigator2Law, you are entitled to look into the auction procedure of your project.

All registered lawyers are bound by a professional duty to keep client’s information confidential. If your project requires other specialists to be engaged, we will ask them for a corresponding contractual confidentiality declaration.

The names and contact details of the project team will be disclosed after you accept our offer. The selection of a team is part of our proposal and can therefore not be disclosed before acceptance of the offer.

Acceptance & Payment

The acceptance of the proposal from Navigator2Law requires you to sign and return the proposal letter to Navigator2Law, and in addition, to make the prepayment. The prepayment is a condition precedent. Unfortunately, we would not be able to start working on your project without the prepayment.

The term in which you can accept the proposal is stipulated in the proposal letter. Usually, this is a week after you received the proposal letter.

You can pay via bank transfer, or use one of the payments methods posted on the Navigator2Law website.

Execution of the project

Please read the proposal letter from Navigator2Law: We appoint you a project manager who will cover the whole project. If there is any issue, you should first try to resolve it with your project manager. Alternatively, Felix Haffner, the owner of Navigator2Law, is available for you if you have any issues concerning your project manager (please send your request to

You can log into your account on the Navigator2Law website and check the current status of your project online. A project card with all the relevant details provides a complete overview of the project and execution progress. All the relevant documents can be uploaded and downloaded there as well. Alternatively you can contact your legal manager any time.

You can see all documents (and drafts),as well as correspondence in your account on the website. Moreover, you receive important notifications via e-mail.

About Navigator2Law

The law firm Navigator2Law is owned by Rechtsanwalt Felix Haffner.

Please call us during open business hours (9am to 6pm form Monday to Friday), or write us an e-mail to

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