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The concept of Navigator2Law

Navigator2Law changes the legal landscape by creating legal efficiencies through the use of technology, project management and outsourcing to benefit clients on a global scale.

In my professional career I worked in several varieties of law firms - from the small boutique to the large corporate law firm. I worked in various markets, starting with my native Germany (Munich, Frankfurt) and moving over to London (UK), Moscow (Russia) and Kiev (Ukraine).

Throughout the years I have encountered the same issue of finding a fair price for adequate legal services. Both clients and lawyers are confronted with this dilemma everyday no matter what law firm or what region they are dealing with.

Current legal market backdrop

The main reason for the inefficiency of legal services is that they are commonly paid for by the hour irrespective of the specialisation required for any particular legal project.

There is a conflict of interest between creating more efficiencies and keeping the revenue flow at a certain level. This is the reason why medium and small size law firms are inclined to take on projects even if they do not possess a required set of skills and specialisation within the given legal domain. Larger law firms chose to maintain costly teams of specialists in order to be in a position to take on any client assignment. The costly burden of inefficient legal project execution in both cases lies on clients’ shoulders. Evaluation of the quality of legal services is another issue clients are confronted with.

Clients would benefit most if they could differentiate between sophisticated specialist legal work and overall legal project management. Therefore, it would have a significant impact on the overall quality of the services received and costs associated with them.

The approach of Navigator2Law

Navigator2Law allows its clients to benefit from the most recent legal market innovations: legal project management, legal outscoring, new technology and standardisation of legal services.

We lead your legal project. To ensure the best quality at an acceptable price we:

  • Design a customised project management tool
  • Leverage our professional network to outsource specialist legal tasks
  • Provide quality control of the services rendered and efficient client communication via a personal project manager

We are convinced that this new approach to legal services achieves:

  • Higher market transparency
  • Standardisation of legal products in both quality and pricing
  • Increase in project execution efficiencies

We are passionate about changing the practice of law. Don’t hesitate to e-mail, or message us if you would like to connect.

We know that integrity is the foundation of a long lasting client relationship

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With Navigator2Law, I am determined to change the legal landscape to benefit clients on a global scale.

Felix Haffner, Founder & Managing Partner Navigator2Law